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Josh In the press:
Joshua got his Arizona Real Estate License in 2009 and Immediately Began Investing. He Wholesaled Over 50 transactions in His First Year and Began to Fix and Flip As Well. 

In 2012, Josh Bought His First Rental Property. By 2015, Josh Shifted Focus to Wholesale & Long Term Passive Income Through Rentals.

In 2016 Josh SHOCKED the Real Estate World With the Famous "Cold Calling On Steroids." This Product Revolutionized Real Estate Marketing Costs for Investors Around the Country.

Josh was Recognized as One of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in 2017 for His Recognition in Wholesaling and Cold Calling.

Today, Josh Has Personally Transacted Over 1,200 Houses for Over $100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Dollars) in Transactions. He Runs a Full Time Wholesale Operation in Phoenix with a Sales Staff Generating Over 6 Figures (Often Multiple Times Over) Per Month, as well as a Rental Portfolio of over 25 Properties through his real estate fund. Additionally, he serves as the President and Designated Broker for Easy Button Realty.

Joshua is currently working with MIT on Blockchain Real Estate Finance.
5 Day Wholesale Accelerator
The 5 day course to get your started in Real Estate.
The Wholesale Accelerator is a course that goes into a deep dive in 5 days on how to run your business, marketing, talking/understanding sellers, closing the deal and selling to cash buyers. Only $37!
The Code
The entire guide to Real Estate Investing.
The Code is the only course you need to be able to get started in Real Estate or learn a few things you can apply to your current Real Estate Investing Business.  We include all our scripts, templates, marketing strategies and more!
Text Blasting On Steroids
The entire guide getting deals from sms and text blasting!
Text Blasting On Steroids is the guide and software to text thousands of leads a day with a click of a button! TBOS, filters the replies so that you only get the possible yes/interested sellers.
Cold Calling on Steroids
Next Webinar October 22nd Register Now.
Cold Calling on Steroids is what I'm known for mainly. It is the best lead generation strategy in Real Estate Investing. I've gotten way more deals from CCOS than any other marketing strategy. But CCOS is not available a lot more than it is so take advantage of it if you get the chance. 
Agent Cash Buyers List
Agent Cash Buyers, the best way for you to build your cash buyers list make sure you get your states list now!
Best Wholesale Lists (DATA)
Want to get the best data Josh used for his Cold Calling & Direct Mail marketing campaigns? Use Best Wholesale Lists.
Sales Conversion Secrets
I am so excited for this, in November 2020 I will be starting my first beta course for sales conversion secrets its a 8 week masterclass to help wholesalers in the sales department how to get more deals from your leads, how to qualify your leads and how to convert them better. This is my jam. Be sure to sign up and join the waitlist to get the introductory pricing.
Best Investor CRM
For years people have been asking what we use for our CRM. We've tried everything under the sun over the years and have stuck pretty steady with our CRM system and continually add new features. I figured I would love to help others follow up better and use a CRM that has been proven to work great, detects KPI's, google maps/zillow integration, and so much more. Get in while we're in introductory pricing.
Wholesale Real Estate Contracts
Get my Seller Purchase Contract, My Assignment Contract, My B to C Wholesale Contract, and my Owner Finance Contract! 
Cash Buyers Hacks
Want to know the hacks on what it takes to get top dollar for your deals? The relationships you should have with your buyers? The template used to send out each deal. The $10,000 non-refundable deposit. The Assignment contract and more!
The Formula used by the Rich to build and expand their empires! Learn how you can use this formula and build YOUR Empire!
Joshua Gayman Mentoring
Josh has been asked a bunch lately if he offers mentoring. This is coming soon. We will offer a couple different packages for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. These will be strategies we use in house for aquisitions, systems, sales, processing and much more! For now you can book a month of 1 call per week for $2,497
My YouTube Channel
MUST WATCH!!! How To Build a Wholesale Cash Buyers Lists on Steroids!
$15,000 Wholesale Deal Start to Finish!
How we take pictures of properties under contract.
This ______ Took 200+ Hours To Make. I Want To Give It To You For Free.
Josh Gayman
Joshua got his Arizona Real Estate License in 2009 and Immediately Began Investing. He Wholesaled Over 50 transactions in His First Year and Began to Fix and Flip As Well. 
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